Unpaid Toll Payment

The Indiana Toll Road (I80/I90) is a gated system, which is exclusively pay-as-you-travel. Patrons will stop and pay their tolls with cash, credit/debit card, or E-ZPass. If you were unable to pay and received an Unpaid Toll Ticket upon exit, or received an unpaid toll invoice in the mail, follow the below prompts:


If you have your ticket or ticket number:

1. Enter your Unpaid Toll ID (including leading zeros) in the box provided

2. Click "Lookup Ticket" to search for your unpaid toll

3. When your unpaid toll appears, click the link in order to review and pay all or a portion of the fee

If you do not have your ticket or ticket number, please click "I Do Not Have My Ticket Number" in Order to Proceed


Payment is due within 30-days of travel

If you do not have your ticket, click here to use our toll road calculator

Ticket Number Example